Department Overview:

The technology department:

  • Configures and maintains LAN/WAN infrastructure (network hardware)
  • Configures and maintains the telephone system
  • Manages device access to the LAN/WAN (access to internet, etc)
  • Manages user access to the LAN/WAN (access to internet, etc)
  • Configures and manages distance delivery technologies (VTC, Real Presence, Etc.)
  • Orders, distributes, maintains, and repairs staff and student devices (computers, iPads, etc.)
  • Designs and develops custom applications
  • Assists in the archival and production of Yup'ik heritage media
  • Provides tech support for school library management


Daryl Daugaard, Technology Directory

Public Information:

  • Technology Plan (in revision)
Department Directory
Systems Analyst - Application Systems
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System Analyst: email
Systems Analyst - Telephony and Networking
Director, Technology Assisted Instruction
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Site Technology Specialist II
System Analyst/Application Developer
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