Secondary Education

Department Overview:

The Secondary Education department, also known as College and Career Ready,  includes the following:
  • Secondary education curriculum
  • Registrar & student information/data
  • Ready Academies
  • Career pathway development
  • Career exploration programs
  • Distance Delivery Education


Erin Schalk: Director, Secondary Education


Joel Thomas: Boarding Program Administrator
James Reames: Dean, KLA / Ready Programs
Patrick Williams: Education Specialist: Media Comm./Ready Programs
Jennifer BacusEducation Specialist: Health/Ready Programs
Robert HadleyEducation Specialist: Education/Ready Programs
Kim AbolafiaEducation Specialist: Math Distance Delivery
Julie McWilliamsEducation Specialist: Arts Integr. Distance Delivery
Crystal CeleyaEducation Specialist: Social Studies Distance Delivery
Andrea PokrzywinskiEducation Specialist: Science Distance Delivery
Paul ContiEducation Specialist: English Distance Delivery
Sheila WallaceEducation Specialist: Sec. 
Yupik Distance Delivery
Sabra Hoffman: Itinerant Career Counselor
Gilbert CampbellItinerant Career Counselor
Erin BernardItinerant Career Counselor
Marthe BornItinerant Career Counselor
Crystal JohnsonItinerant Career Counselor
Colin Stewart: Education Specialist: CTE Lead
Brian Rendall: Education Specialist: Skilled Trades
Lee Sundby: Education Specialist: Online Ed. Coord.
Alex Bernard: Gear Up Grant Coordinator

Public Information:


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