Instructional Programs

Department Overview:

Our primary goal is to help teachers and site administrators provide the best educational program possible for LKSD students in both Yup’ik and English. In order to meet this challenge, our responsibilities include all curriculum development and implementation, all state and district assessment, Yup’ik language and culture programs, staff development, and instructional support through grants, training and on-site services.

Instructional Programs sub-departments and programs include:

Department Leadership:

 Edward Pekar: Assistant Superintendent, Instructional Programs
Christina Robbins: Director, Elementary Education
Erin Schalk: Director, Secondary Education
Ashley Crace: Director, Special Education
 Jill Hoffman: Lead, Early Childhood Education & Migrant Education


Mickelle Waters: Staff Development Specialist
Minnie Chase: Student Records Technician
Andy Gillilian: District Testing Coordinator
 Guadalupe Duarte: Registrar
Amy Vanasse: Education Specialist: System Coordinator
Leah Shreckengast: Education Specialist: ESSA Programs Manager

Phone: 907-543-4855

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