Newtok, AK: This student-produced documentary illustrates the context and practice of Yup'ik dance, as well as its healing effects.

Quinhagak, AK: Student produced holiday video featuring students, school, and community. 

Toksook Bay, AK: An elementary robotics team shares what they learned about problems with drying herring and proposes an innovative solution. 

LKSD student filmmakers created a short film based on a traditional Yup'ik tale, "Tegurciulleq"

Kipnuk, AK: A student-produced documentary features a traditional Yup'ik delicacy: akutaq.

Bethel, AK: Stunning drone footage provides an aerial view of our hub town on the Kuskokwim River

Chefornak, AK: A look at culture and technology through the eyes of a student, and the way media can be used to preserve culture.

Bethel, AK: What's it like to take off from the runway in Bethel in a small bush plane?

This student-produced documentary explores traditional medicines found on the tundra.

Toksook Bay, AK: Good Fight Media produced a film for ESPN's 30 for 30 series featuring the massive role that basketball plays in village communities in rural Alaska.

Goodnews Bay, AK: A great glimpse of the community through the eyes of Southwest Windpower as they installed turbines in 2012.

Quinhagak, AK: Student journalists documented the events of the LKSD Dance Festival, as well as students' reflections on the meaning and significance of culture.

Bethel, AK: Bethel has more cabs per capita than any other city in the United states. Indie Alaska shows us a day in the life of a cab driver in Bethel.

Kasigluk, AK: View from a bush plane flying over the village of Kasigluk

Quinhagak, AK: This student-produced instructional video will have you speaking the Yup'ik alphabet in no time!

Napaskiak, AK: LKSD Student journalists report from the annual LKSD Dance Festival, where students learn traditional crafts and dance.

Bethel, AK: LKSD celebrates the arts every year by setting up a gallery of student artwork. Video created by Student Journalists.

Bethel, AK: A beautiful time lapse video showcasing the natural scenes around Bethel.

Toksook Bay, AK: This student-produced documentary features an interview with community elder Theresa Lincoln.

Quinhagak, AK: Indie Alaska visited the archeological dig site outside of Quinhagak, where archeologists are unearthing artifacts from the old village.

Quinhagak, AK: A student-produced time lapse capturing the land, community, and weather characteristic of most LKSD villages.

Atmautluak, AK: A look at the unique approach to cold weather housing in one of our tundra villages.

Mekoryuk, AK: Many communities have a strong church presence. A student reporter documented a gathering called, "Island Jubilee" in Mekoryuk.

Kasigluk, AK: What's it like landing on a village airstrip in a small bush plane 

Quinhagak, AK: This poetic student-produced film portrays the community and purpose of life through the eyes and words of a contemplative high school student.

Bethel, AK: 

Chefornak, AK: Community members perform traditional dance in Chefornak.

Bethel, AK: This film highlights some winter activities in rural Alaska, including ice fishing, sledding, and dog mushing.

Bethel, AK: This student-produced montage video captures the exciting atmosphere of the Kuskokwim 300 Sled Dog Sled Race, held in Bethel every January.
LKSD teachers make a difference in the lives of students not only through the classroom, but also through a variety of student programs and activities.

Kwethluk, AK: This student-produced video provides a great overview of the school and community in Kwethluk, AK.

Kwethluk & Napaskiak, AK: This student-produced documentary looks at the issue of the lack of indoor plumbing in a large number of rural Alaskan communities.

Kwethluk, AK: Students created a video featuring the Yup'ik Alphabet

Mekoryuk, AK: This student-produced documentary highlights one of the two remaining ivory carvers on Nunivak Island.

Kwethluk, AK: This teacher's video shows the ice breaking up on the river in the springtime

This action video trailer highlights the student programs and efforts of teachers in LKSD as they make an impact on students.

Goodnews Bay, AK: This 28 minute episode on WX TV captures the essence of life in rural AK while highlighting weatherization techniques used in Goodnews Bay

Kongiganak, AK: A student-produced video providing an overview of the village of Kongiganak.

Quinhagak, AK: Students lip-sync a holiday song in various fun scenes around the community of Quinhagak.

Alaska Public Media highlighted the LKSD's Summer Film Academy.

Bethel, AK: LKSD often offers career exploration programs such as this aviation themed middle school program. LKSD Student Journalists report.

Tuntutuliak, AK: A 2010 School Report in form of a video highlights steps the school took in order to establish closer ties to the community.

Anchorage, AK: Many LKSD Schools have robotics teams. This video highlights the journey of three of those teams as they advanced to the State Robotics Tournament in Anchorage.
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