Melissa Gill is LKSD's Teacher of the Year 2018

2018 Teacher of the Year
Posted on 02/01/2019
Melissa Gill

Anman Melissa Gill

Grade 6 AE teacher

Aman was raised as one of five children to Mick and Karen Waters in different Yukon Kuskokwim villages as her parents were Bureau of Indian Affairs teachers back then.

Anman is married to Joshua Gill, Personnel Director at Lower Kuskokwim School District here in Bethel where at one time he was the site administrator for Mikelnguut Elitnaurvik. Together they have four children, three sons, and a daughter.

All of the five Water children are fluent in Yup’ik because they were allowed to play with other children in different villages they grew up in and enjoy our Yup’ik diet pretty much as we do.

Anman is an avid Yup’ik language and culture advocate more so than some of our own people. She and her husband do a lot of subsistence hunting and gathering with their children. They are generous with their catch and much more than often they share their catch or gathering with elders or those who are in need. They don’t keep their children’s first catch or what they gathered.

Anman puts those Yup’ik practices into full gear here at Ayaprun Elitnaurvik. She has students work on game, pick berries, dig for mouse food and brings students out to fish for pike. The food that is gathered is prepared and saved for elders for Ayaprun Elitnaurvik’s Kindergarten’s first dance, first catch or the 6thgrade promotion.

Anman also has student’s sewing qaspeqs, helping other teachers, is one of our team leaders and is one of our teachers who’s so proud of her Yup’ik language and heritage.

Anman is passionate towards her craft and always goes the extra mile for her students, colleagues, and the community in which she serves. Our school community is blessed to have her as one of our teachers and serve our school community. Anman has built positive personal connections and long lasting relationships with not only her students and their families, but her colleagues as well. Anman is flexible, dedicated to her role as a teacher, and works collaboratively with her peers. These traits help drive Anman’s love of teaching. She is always at school working late nights toward her lesson planning, providing extra support to her students, and helping plan and work on a variety of cultural activities, which is a huge part of our school mission.

Anman also serves as a Champs coach, a member of the ELA Curriculum Committee, a Future Educators Coordinator, a 6thgrade promotion planner of which she does an outstanding job and is in the new school planning committee for Ayaprun. Anman takes on many leadership roles within our school by serving on our school’s leadership team, new school steering committee, and personnel committee. Anman is very deserving of this award and recognition. 



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